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You will have to pay for windows 7 in Jan 2020 – Stay Safe Online

You will have to pay for windows 7 in Jan 2020 – Stay Safe Online

Is your website SEO friendly?

Mobile friendly?

Secure – does it have an SSL certificate?

Is your data backed up safely?

Are your passwords secure?

Do you have a secure password on your router?

If you’re not sure of the answer to any of these questions – give us a ring on 01948 840102 and we’ll do a free diagnostic and explain everything.

We can also update computers running on Windows 7 – after 14th January, 2020 technical assistance and software updates will no longer be available for Windows 7 and computers will become vulnerable to security risks and viruses – so you need to update to Windows 10.

Some more questions you might like answers to:

Do adwords really work?

What is Big Data?

What is cloud technology?

Why do you need to update your website regularly?

Can you recover data from defunct computers?

Adwords do work – and they don’t have to cost a fortune – you just need to be clever about choosing them. 

Big data generally means extracting value from large volumes of data using predictive analytics and user behaviour analytics – providing really useful business information.

Cloud technology is a way of not only storing files remotely – but also accessing software remotely so files and programs are only temporarily stored in-house.

If you update your website regularly – with things like online links and blog posts – it gets better search engine ratings so people find your website more easily.

We can generally recover date from all computers – so much so that – even if you think your hard drive may be wiped clean – if you sell it online – other people may be able to extract personal data – so be careful.

Any more questions – ring us – advice is free – 01948 840102

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